For those who have suffered like myself for years with a chronic disease that has no cure, you know how hard it is to find any type of legitimate way to cope. Today for the first time, in nearly 10 years, I experienced not just a relief of pain, but healing. I have tried countless ways, spent more money than I can count, and altered my life in every way possible all just to try to get through every day. I know how destructive chronic pain can be to your life- not just physically but mentally and emotionally. It’s difficult to imagine a day going by without pain.
For those who suffer every day like me, please look at this page and this therapy. You don’t have to take any medicine or commit to a program just to wait weeks or months for results. Her healing is immediate and life altering. I now have a solid grasp on HOPE thanks to her gift. There are no words to describe how incredible this turning point is for me and my health.
— Barbie
After my first therapeutic massage, I knew I had found a gifted therapist. Gifted in many ways. Joanne’s intuitive awareness of the human body enables her to address the messages being given by my body as focuses for her healing skills. Her reverence for the creative genius, the source of all life forms, is evident in the way she brings a spiritual as well as physical healing to my body. Her awareness of the human conditions that impact on our bodies and beings enhances and enriches her therapeutic gifts. She is a warm, loving and caring person which adds to her art of human connectedness and therapeutic healing.

Recommended by a friend, I have found a friend whose gifts nurture my spirit and heals and relaxes my body. She is an artist devoted to human healing. I am blessed to be a recipient of her sacred art.
— Mayer
Joanne is truly unique and expert at not only massage, but healing massage. She has a deep, knowing sense of what the body holds, and how to guide it toward greater vitality and strength. She integrates many therapeutic modalities to culminate in a powerful and unique experience. I unquestionably highly recommend Joanne!
— Andrea
Joanne is a caring, sensitive but expert massage therapist and healer. She combines techniques from different sources and includes mystical and spiritual healing. Everyone who has been treated by Joanne raves about her. Highest recommendation for Joanne!
— Celia

Joanne is unbelievable. She is very in-tuned with the body. Her work is always of the highest quality. I always leave feeling centered, calm and very happy that I went to her. There are very few therapists who see clients as a whole person and seek to address multiple dimensions. I am lucky to have found her.
— Beca
Joanne has an unusual and uncanny gift for achieving results in a short period of time. Her depth of knowledge and experience in both traditional and non-traditional techniques is evident every time she works on me. I recommend her highly for anyone who is need of this kind of work.
— Robin

Joanne knows just what your body needs. Her massages are a great way to dissipate stress. I don’t know what I would do without her.
— Naomi
Joanne is able to narrow down exactly what part(s) of my body need healing and she knows just what to do to heal them. I always feel better after putting myself in her able hands.
— Janis